Your Soul Memoir

Welcome to the pinnacle of self-expression; a spiritual affair reserved for the most discerning individuals.


Colette Davenport

Metaphysician & Artist

Celebrated for fashioning your essence into an eternal work of art, Colette invites accomplished souls on an elegant, artistic journey of profound devotion and true self expression.

Imagine having eternal life as a mystical masterpiece displayed among your cherished collection of art.

Bespoke Artistry

Colette's creative vision presents a rarified blend of beauty, divinity, and artistry for her clients seeking a one-of-a-kind expression that enhances their legacy.

Her artwork is an intimate, avant-garde experience that reveals the depths of your heart, amplifies your radiant vision, and illustrates your magnificent soul.


Your Soul Memoir


Eternal Life as aWork of Art

Enjoy Eternal Life

Imagine your heirs displaying a luxurious, museum quality coffee table book that memorializes your brilliance and your devotion.

Your Soul Memoir is the story of YOU told through iconic photography and editorial narrative, composed from our year long journey together.

Through You and Divine Presence, we create a work of art that lives eternally.

Your Journey Begins

An In-Person Experience

We connect during our first ultra luxe soul illuminating afternoon together, designed to activate your creativity and liberate your spirit.

This is where the vision for Your Soul Memoir comes forth, setting the stage for the extraordinary year ahead.

The Magic Unfolds

Ongoing Artistic Expression

With Colette as your guide and creative director of your memoir, you then explore and express your Divinity with bi-monthly calls, two spectacular photoshoots, and three more in-person experiences.

All of which are planned in advance and coordinated by our team so you can just show up and be fully expressed.

Your Masterpiece Unveiled

Celebrate Your Story

In addition to being your guide for this artistic adventure, throughout the process Colette keenly extracts and articulates your key moments; the triumphs, the lessons, the beauty, and the beast you confronted to become a masterpiece.

The result: Your Soul Memoir - a museum quality coffee table book with iconic images and editorial that showcases you as a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Enjoy a sacred reminder of your Divinity. Share it with friends, family, fans, and future generations. (Or keep it to yourself)